This course is the sequence of initial ergonomics risk assessment guideline 2017 developed by DOSH. This course will give participants the insight of reporting ergonomics risk assessment based on each of the significant risk factors including environmental ergonomics risks.

The advanced method will cover general method used to assess risk factors related to postural risk and manual handling issues. Participants will be trained by using various video samples, including intratester reliability test in order to achieve the same level of understanding.

Method includes:

  • Rapid upper limb assessment (RULA)
  • Rapid entire body assessment (REBA)
  • Manual Assessments Checklist (MAC)
  • Other methods – Revised Niosh Lifting Equation (RNLE)

Training will cover the overall understanding of the ergonomics guidelines with emphasize on advanced ergonomics risk assessment and suggested method in preparing a report. Participants will be trained to be the trained person in conducting and reporting the outcome for DOSH under Section 15 of OSH Act 1994

At the end of the training, participants will be able to be a trained person in posture and manual handling risk factors assessor and able to complete a full report.

Participants should bring their own laptop in order to prepare and report the assignment given.


Series of Advanced ERA course (2 days for every series /sub-series):

Series 1 – Postural + manual handling: RULA REBA OWAS QEC
Series 2 – Repetitive action: OCRA n ART
Series 3 – Manual handling: RNLE, MAC, Snook, etc
Series 4 – Environmental Ergonomics
Sub-series 1: Temperature extreme
Sub-series 2: Occ and Env Noise
Sub-series 3: Hands-arm and whole-body vibration
Sub-series 4: Lighting, Anthropometry & Office Ergonomics (ROSA)
Sub-series 5: IAQ n Ventilation