Associate Member

If you are have a bachelor’s degree with less than three years of relevant experience in HFE and HCI field, you still can enjoy the benefits as a Associate Member.

Enjoy your benefit

Enhance knowledge and skill

Take advantage of our certification training, webinar, seminar, and journal publishing on various topics in HFE and HCI.

Built your network

Use this opportunity to meet other HFE and HCI professionals. The annual AGM, biennial HFES and HFEM Conference provide a setting to connect with experts.

Enjoy discount price

You can apply a special rate for all HFEM events and enjoy free consultation and technical support for your research works.

Continuing professional development

Engage with leaders and specialist in the academics and industries who can advise you in focusing the right career pathway and training.

Our package

“The affordable package helps us to operate and sustain the Society, and will be returned as benefits to HFEM members in terms of special discount, free webinars, newsletter, and participation in SIG activities.”

Dr. Ng Yee Guan

President HFEM

Student Member benefits

Privilege of Membership Full Member Associate Member Student Member Corporate Member
Entitled to vote in AGM
1 vote
2 votes
To hold office
To participate in all activities of the society
Copies of publications of the Society
Visibility and credential of HFE commitment
Peers and professional support in HFE
Opportunity to join Special Interest Group activities
Discount for society organized events
Student rate
Newsletter and information notification
Access to online membership list
Complimentary attendance for 1-day training program
Priority and discount for HFE consultation and technical support
Free (Research only)
Featured articles of ergonomics practices in newsletter
Enlisting of professional HFE consultancies services (if eligible)

Become a member of the Society and enjoy your benefits

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