Chair      : Oon Yin Bee

Email     :

Member : Prof Madya Dr. Haji Baba Md Deros




The goals of the Education & Training Committee are:


  1. Conduct educational outreach programmes;
  2. Develop accreditation guidelines for tertiary educational programmes in ergonomics, human factors and HCI;
  3. Provide opportunities for training in ergonomics, human factors and HCI;
  4. Promote students networking and career development at the tertiary level.


The goals of the committee support the society’s goals as listed below.

Goal 2. HFEM must take a regional and global responsibility.

Goal 3. HFEM must continue to support HFE/HCI in ASEAN developing countries where it has been neglected.

Goal 7. HFEM must continue its leadership role in developing guidelines for educational accreditation and professional certification.


Implementation Strategies



  • Review of ergonomics education programmes in Malaysia
    ·         Adaptation of international standards for ergonomics education programme
    ·         Forum
    ·         Career talk
    ·         Road show
    ·         Research on education
    ·         HFEM publication



  •        Workshops
    ·         Ergonomics checkpoint workshop
    ·         Office ergonomics workshop
    ·         Workplace safety workshop
    ·         Product design workshop
    ·         Training needs survey
    ·         Directory of experts
    ·         Webinars
    ·         Mentorship programme
    ·         Industrial exposure
    ·         Online training
    ·         Research on training
    ·         Sharing of experience