Chair       : Assoc. Prof.Dr. Alvin W. Yeo

Email       :

Members :

  • Mohamad Fauzi Yahaya, Product Design SIG Chair
  • Associate Professor Dr. Murni Mahmud, Human Computer Interaction SIG Chair
  • Jalaluddin Dahalan, Industrial Ergonomics SIG Chair

This Science & Technology Standing Committee (STSC) promotes and coordinates the exchange of scientific and technical information at the national level. Under the STSC are sub-committees, known as Special Interest Groups, which address specific areas of technical interest.


The goals of the Science & Technology Standing Committee are:

  • To identify and promote important research and application areas
  • To promote and coordinate the exchange of scientific and technical information at the national level
  • To advise and assist in the development of the scientific programme of HFEM conferences
  • To advise and assist in the organization and conduct of HFEM sponsored meetings
  • To support the assimilation of ergonomics practices and knowledge in industrially developing countries in South East Asia.

Special Interest Groups:

To achieve the STSC’s goals, special interest groups have been formed. At present, there are three SIGs, namely, Human Computer Interaction ,  Product Design and Industrial Ergonomics.

The main role of the SIGs are to raise awareness of the respective technical interest, and also to develop the discipline in Malaysia.

Reviews and Endorsements

HFEM will review and endorse conferences and events which in HFEM’s view will help to promote HFEM and the discipline of Human Factors, Ergonomics and HCI.  Conference with the backing of HFEM, will be promoted to HFEM members and affiliated HFEM’s organisations such as the International Ergonomics Association. In addition, endorsements from HFEM provide a level of credibility and recognition to the event.


Conferences Management

The Science and Technology Standing Committee also organises events, both under the SIGs or under HFEM’s umbrella. These events could include workshops, but also conferences. These conferences achieve the objectives of HFEM to promote the discipline, and also to provide a platform to network and keep abreast with the state-of-the-art on HFE and HCI.

In addition, the conferences aims to not only cover relevant contemporary theme but also to develop technical programs, which are beneficial to HFEM’s member and the public.


Plans for 2016

The main goal for the Science and Technology Standing Committee is to set up and strengthen the Special Interest Groups, run the activities under these focused areas. (Activities in other areas are also welcome.)

The committee targets to organise at least a conference, set up a committee and run at least one activity under each of the Special Interest Groups, and to work with the Education and Training committee to raise the awareness of Human Factors and Ergonomics, and Human Computer Interaction in Malaysia.