Start a new student chapter

To start a new Student Chapter, you may refer to the HFEM Student Chapter Handbook. The handbook is prepared and revised as necessary by the HFEM Student Chapters Committee to provide guideline and information on the following;

  • How to start a new student chapter
  • How to manage a student chapter
  • What are the sample activities for student chapters
  • What awards and recognitions are available for student chapters

Applicants may download all necessary forms and guidelines below. Please contact our secretariat if you have any queries at

  • Study Chapter Handbook [PDF]
  • Application checklist [PDF]
  • Application form [PDF]
  • AGM report form [PDF]
  • Biannual report form [PDF]
  • Recognition form [PDF]
  • Creativity award form [PDF]

Flowchart to start a new HFEM Student Chapter