Welcome to Student Chapters of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Malaysia (HFEM)!

A Student Chapter of HFEM is a group of students interested in Human Factors and Ergonomics who coordinates events and activities that will benefit students, their higher institution, HFEM Committees and SIGs, HFEM, government, industries, and community in general. Benefit of having a student chapter is to enhances student participation in the HFEM and Student Chapters events and activities by providing opportunities for professional development, community services, and networking with Human Factors and Ergonomics community and stakeholders in Malaysia. A Student Chapter operates under the auspices of HFEM in general, more particularly, the Student Chapters Committee. A Student Chapter and the HFEM/Student Chapters Committee shall support and promotes each other events and activities in enhancing the development of Human Factors and Ergonomics arena in Malaysia.

We are welcoming students from all higher leaning institutions in Malaysia to establish their local Student Chapter. We are also welcoming any kind of collaboration activities from all agencies – government, industry, higher learning institutions, and etc. – in promoting the cultural of Human Factors and Ergonomics in Malaysia. Any inquiries can be emailed to the Chair, Student Chapter Committee at student@hfem.org.

Looking forward to working with you.

Nik Mohd Fajarul Ishaq bin Nik Sinluddin
Student Chapters Committee
Human Factor and Ergonomics Society Malaysia