HFEM completed three SOHELP training session

HFEM has successfully conducted three SOHELP training sessions on the following dates. 

SOHELP helps industries to enhance the
industrial hygiene standards in the workplaces, and meet regulatory
requirements on industrial hygiene regulations.

SOHELP (March session)

Date: 30-31 March 2022
Venue: Angsana Putra, Bangunan, TNCPI UPM)
Trainer: Ts. Hari Krishnan Tamil Selvan & Dr. Vivien How 

SOHELP (June Session 1)

Date: 31 May – 1 June 2020 
Venue: Technocom Systems Sdn. Bhd.
Trainer: Dr. Vivien How

SOHELP (June session 2)

Date: 7-8 June 2022 
Venue: Angsana Putra, Bangunan, TNCPI UPM
Trainer: Dr. Vivien How

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