National Seminar MyFOSH 2019

Strategic OSH NGOs Alliance

One of the important frameworks in the coordination and collaboration of safety and health in Malaysia is the existence of multiples OSH Societies in giving OSH services, dissemination of knowledges and information, expert and the voice of OSH practitioners in improving OSH in general. There are various type of societies including National level, State level societies and technical societies with each society has their own mission, vision and objectives. It has been estimated that approximately more than 7,000 active members. The numbers of active members indicate a strong voice that need to be heard by the stake holders including government and policy maker (National Council of Occupational Safety and Health (NCOSH)), employers’ representatives and employees’ representatives. Through the initiative under the OSHMP 2020, DOSH had initiated with several societies in formation of a federated societies related to OSH in which the Federation within OSH Societies is a way that information and policy can be easily cascade to masses within OSH practitioners. The federation currently had 14 societies worked loosely with the aim of voicing issues from the base and assisting DOSH in technical expert and programs conducted in the future. In addition, the federation will worked with international societies in enhancing standard of OSH and networking.

The inaugural National Seminar is important as it is one of the platforms where mostly all National Societies related to Occupational Safety and Health and Environment worked together as one voice in organizing such event. This is the first time that we have a collective efforts by 15 societies and the new established societies in showing that the possibility of different societies in organizing a single direction within their respective roles in championing the field of Occupational Safety and Health & Environment in Malaysia.

The Malaysian Federation of Occupational Safety and Health (MyFOSH) is a Federation of Societies that focus in championing and advocating the importance of Occupational safety and Health in Malaysia and globally. The Federation was initiated by the meeting between the ex- Director of DOSH (Dato Mokhtar Musri) and the President of MSOSH (Mr Khairuddin Khairan) in formally established a discussion on the 9th of September 2016. The Federation currently consist of 15 Societies namely:
10) NRG SHE 11) SRG SHE 12) PESHA 13) POSHE 14) PPMKI 15) MAEH

In general, the objectives including the roles and responsibility of the Federation are:

  • To provide centralized platform on OSH matters at National and International levels.
  • To serve as a centre of information to disseminate all latest OSH information to the members or from members to the Authorities.
  • To assist DOSH in the development of National level OSH standards or guidelines and providing technical experts in the relevant field.
  • To assist in setting up Board in OSH competencies.
  • To establish Code of Ethics to control the professionalism of the OSH competencies.
  • To have one strong voice representing all OSH NGOs to influence the Government, Stakeholders and relevant parties

In addition to the above objectives, other important roles to be played by MyFOSH will includes:

  • Propose policy direction together with the relevant authorities.
  • Easing of implementation roadblocks and challenges related to OSH & Environment and finally, escalates unresolved roadblocks and challenges in improving the welfare and safety and health of workers in Malaysia.


Prof Dr Shamsul Bahri Mohd Tamrin
Immediate Past President of Human Factors & Ergonomics Society of Malaysia (HFEM)
Secretary of Malaysian Federation of Occupational Safety and Health (MYFOSH)

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