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Behind the scene HFEMC '23

Pitching to Steelcase for Platinum package sponsorship by Prof. Dr. Shamsul Bahri (Sponsorship team). Steelcase is one of US global company on Ergonomics furniture.

Briefing to the Head of InvestKL for MNC (America) and Europe for the HFEMC conference.

We are excited to announce the 5th Biennial HFEM Conference on human factors and ergonomics to be organized by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFEM), Malaysia. It will be held jointly with ErgoLympic 2023, a competition that uncovers affordable and effective solutions, driven by human factors, ergonomics, and occupational safety and health best practices.

The conference theme is set to understand the socio-technical challenges of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and beyond, and how key HFE theories, methods, designs, studies and technical advances can be applied to promote inclusion and diversity in HFE applications, as well as to forecast and impact socio-technical systems of the new industrial revolution.

Check out HFEMC website for registration and papers submission.

Conference theme

Accelerating human factors and ergonomics toward an inclusive and sustainable future​

Latest news...

HFEM received SOCSO grant for a total of RM58,195 for 11 training and development programs in 2023.

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HFEM appoint the President, Dr. Ng Yee Guan to represent the Society in Industrial Hygiene Catalyst Committee (IH2C) Board.

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HFE was invited to share their expertise with the national oil and gas company, Petronas in HFM Capability Building Module. 

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