HFE Related Courses Database

This is an effort from the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Malaysia to establish an academic database of available HFE-related courses provided in the higher educational institution in Malaysia.

It is expected that the data will be a useful guidance for the establishment of the core competency of HFE as well as charting the direction for Malaysian Professional Certification in HFE – Certified Professional in HFE (CP HFE).

CP-HFE is a professional certification which will be managed by MyHFE, a separate non-profit certification entity/bodies/board (https://iea.cc/iea-recognized-and-endorsed-certification-systems-for-professional-ergonomists/).

The certification system shall be submitted to IEA for endorsement where the professionals certified by MyHFE shall operate according to internationally accepted criteria and has equal acknowledgment to professional level (title) in other countries.

Please fill in the HFE relevant courses at your institutions by clicking on the Google Sheets link that corresponds to the region/location of your universities. Please go to the main campus region category if a university branch is not available in the selected region. Please contact the administrator at secretary@hfem.org if your university is not listed.

The following is a link to a Google Sheets (form) document that collects data on HFE-related courses offered by higher education institutions, which are grouped by university region/location.

Form link for HFE related courses database in Malaysia- IPTA

Form link for HFE related courses database in Malaysia- IPTS