Ergonomics Trained Person (ETP)

Course overview

Ergonomic Trained Person (Initial ERA) program provides the fundamental courses in Ergonomic Risk Assessment that allow individuals to register as Ergonomics Trained Persons. A trained person is someone who has undergone ergonomics risk assessment training and is able to conduct the assessment and/or in-house training for the employees of organization.

Initial Ergonomics Risk Assessment cover all the Ergonomics risk factors as listed below:

  • Awkward posture
  • Static position and sustained work posture
  • Forceful exertion
  • Repetitive motion
  • Vibration (HAV & WBV)
  • Environmental Risk Factor

Learning objective

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental of ergonomics assessment method corresponding to each ergonomics risk factors
  • Identify appropriate method for assessment of each corresponding ergonomics risk factors
  • Conduct simple ergonomics assessment of workers for each work activities at workplace
  • Carry out simple survey of ergonomics-related injuries or musculoskeletal disorders among employees.

Course outline

1.     Introduction to physical ergonomics
2.     Health effect due to exposure to ergonomics risk factors
3.     Sign and symptoms of ergonomics-related injuries and MSDs
4.     Ergonomics risk factors
5.     Awkward posture
6.     Static and sustained work posture
7.     Forceful exertion
8.     Repetitive motion
9.     Hands-arm and whole-body vibration
10.    Environmental risk factors
11.    Use of ergonomics checklist (including hands-on practical)
12.    Procedure to correctly fill in and manage self-assessment form (Appendix 1) and complaint from (Appendix 2)
13.    Ergonomics control measures, improvement, and management program
14.    Guide to report writing for initial ERA

Target participants

  • Safety Officer
    HR Manager and Executive Safety Manager
  • Safety Executive
  • Safety Promoter
  • Lecturer
  • Student
  • Designer/Engineer

Delivery method

The following are several methods that will be engaged in order to ensure the effectiveness of the course. Participant is encouraged to bring their own laptop to prepare assignment and assessment report.


Course module is designed according to the characteristics of the participants

Class room

Notes on office ergonomics, Workshop and group discussion, Recommendation


Implement the ergonomics risk assessment on real case studies


Two-ways and interactive communication between trainer and participants

HFEM ETP Trainer

HFEM established a stringent requirement for anyone to be recognized as a HFEM ETP trainer. Most of our ETP trainers are a member of Technical Committee for DOSH Guidelines for Ergonomics Risk Assessment at Workplace (2017).

Click the photo to see our ETP trainers’ profile.


In compliance with DOSH ERA GUIDELINES 2017 and Systematic Occupational Health Enhancement Level Program (SOHELP) Requirement.

  1. Certificate of attendance issued upon completion the course with full attendance
  2. Certificate of completion issued upon completion and successfully pass the assessment (writing test and individual report assignment)

Officially acknowledged in DOSH website – Department of Occupational Safety and Health Malaysia (DOSH)- JKKP HIE 127/171-9/P1 Klt 2 (18)

Training Package

HFEM offers affordable and competitive training fee, with special rate for HFEM members.

Non HFEM Member

RM950 / pax
  • 2-days course
  • Refreshment (breakfast, lunch, tea) &
  • Training materials
  • Examination fee (Professional assessor)
  • Attendance certificate
  • Completion certificate
  • ETP registration with DOSH

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