Ergonomics for Agricultural Sector

HFEM-SOCSO Program (5) 2017

Ergonomics for Agricultural Sector is a program organized by HFEM and supported by SOCSO. This program has been successfully held at Risda Plantation Sdn. Bhd. , Ampang, Kuala Lumpur on August 22, 2017. Special thanks to all participants from  Risda Plantation for a great support and active participation during the program.

Generally, the session went well where SOCSO representative delivered the information about the SOCSO and benefits of SOCSO’s contributors.  After the morning tea break, the participants were introduced to the definition, concept of ergonomics and examples of ergonomics risk factors. Various pictures were used for spontaneous exercises for participants to test their knowledge – identify the risk factors of ergonomics. Online quiz and group work session were conducted in order to assess the participants’ understanding on ergonomics. In the final session, participants were also introduced to several types of exercise during stretching exercise demonstration so that they can practice and perform accordingly in future.

Stretching demonstration

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